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Our goal for Agony is to be a highly respected PVP alliance. We do that through the love of a good fight; thinking outside the box; fighting superior forces with superior tactics; and knowledge sharing, internally and externally through our PvP university.

Before you get started, it’s worth noting that being able to follow instructions properly is taken into consideration by the membership of Agony when reading your questionnaire. It’s worth taking that extra moment to pay attention to detail and get your application right. Not following instructions can lead to your application being rejected.

about Agony applicant FAQ


  1. Download or copy and paste the questionnaire below into a text editor to edit, e.g., Atom, Notepad++, Vim, Emacs, Textmate, etc. Do not use a word processor like Microsoft Word because it will add a lot of formatting to the file. Alternatively, you can edit the questionnaire directly in the forum, but you run the risk of losing your work if anything goes wrong!
  2. Edit the file and remove the -- Your answer here -- and replace it with your answer. Do not edit the file in any other way, or you will mess up the formatting.
  3. After you have filled out the questionnaire, create a thread in the Public Chat Forum forum. Title your thread: [APPLICANT] Your Character’s Name. For Example, Kenda’s application would be: [APPLICANT] Kenda deLagrange.
  4. In the body of your new thread, copy the entire text of the application, and paste it in the thread.
  5. Proofread your application to see that you haven’t accidentally missed or erased any questions.
  6. Submit the post. Do not worry about it being public, it will be moved to the internal section of the forums quickly.

Note: if you have trouble with written English, but can converse English just fine, please contact a recruiter for assistance with the written part.


Copy everything inside the box below. It will wrap properly in Notepad or another text editor. You can also download the application directly:

download application

Agony Applicant Questionnaire

1) Please tell us a bit about when and how you started  playing EVE, what you have done so far, your corp history and a little bit about yourself in real life.
This is your chance to give us an impression of who you are, not just as a character but also as a person.

--Your answer here--

2) Agony spans three timezones. In order to proceed with your application, you must select the DOMINANT timezone for your personal play time.
Check Only One. If you fail to check a box, check more than one box or check a box that's not correlated to [b][color=#800080]EVE TIME[/color][/b] we'll not only decline your application but also sue you for damages from having to hunt you down and setting aflame everything you own and anyone you have ever loved (in game).

(  ) EVE TIME 16:00-00
(  ) EVE TIME 00:00-08:00
(  ) EVE TIME 08:00-16:00

3) Having a mic and using Teamspeak 3 is required. Is this a problem for you?

--Your answer here--

4) How would you classify your PVP skills in EVE? What level of PVP experience do you have? A short, one or two sentence answer is fine.

--Your answer here--

5) Please provide a killboard link for all your PVP characters that gives an accurate representation of your PVP activity.

--Your answer here--

6) Where did you hear about Agony? In particular, what prompted you to apply?

--Your answer here--