Applicant FAQ

Before You Apply

Before applying to Agony make sure to read through this FAQ as well as About Agony Empire to decide whether Agony Unleashed is the right place for you.

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Joining Agony Unleashed is accomplished by filling out the application, and submitting it through our forums. The only people who should be making in-game applications to Agony (clicking on that “join corp” button) are people who have completed this application process already.

If you have any questions about the application process, you can private message one of the recruiters from your time zone, or make a post on Agony’s forums.

Recruitment Closed

Recruitment FAQ

What is Agony all about?

Agony is a pure PVP corporation. We PVP for the challenge, and because it’s fun. We’re not interested in holding space or building empires, and we’re not interested in blueing up our neighbors to create a safe haven.

A typical day for an Agony member consists of logging into nullsec, going out to pvp in a small gang or solo, and logging off in nullsec. We’ll generally also run at least a few larger scheduled gangs each week per timezone, and all Agony members and welcome and encouraged to FC such gangs.

We keep as few blues as possible (often our only blues will be our OOC alts), and operate on NASI principle: Not-Agony Shoot It. This ensures that our members have plenty of targets to shoot at, and do not have to roam 40+ jumps to the other side of EVE universe to find that one lone neural Rupture that they can shoot at.

Agony’s corporate culture is quite relaxed. We’re definitely not a hardcore corp, however we firmly believe that if you’re going to do something, you should aim to do it well. Agony members approach PVP with a professional attitude, and constantly strive for excellence.

You can find out more about Agony by reading About Agony Empire.

Do you guys have a killboard?

Yes, we have a public killboard.

What kind of players do you look for?

We’re ultimately looking for pilots with the right attitude. Do you have a thirst for killing internet spaceships? Are you constantly looking for ways to get better at winning PVP engagements? When an opportunity arises, are you one of the people who steps up and makes the fight happen, rather than simply x-ing up and letting someone else lead? If so, Agony may be the corporation for you!

We’re not a very large corporation, and as such we expect a certain aggressiveness and resilience from our members. If your response to being outnumbered 3-to-1 is to dock up or log off, then Agony probably isn’t the right place for you. If your response instead is to think, “I wonder if this will work,” right before a bright explosion, followed by maniacal giggling, then you’re probably a good fit.

Is there a skill point limit for applying?

We don’t have a hard and fast skill point requirement, however our ideal candidate would have at least ten million skill points in combat, with the skills to fly T2 frigates, such as interceptors, assault frigates, and covert ops. We’re not a training corporation, so in addition to this, we generally look for applicants who already have a reasonable amount of combat experience: the more the better!

If you have fewer skillpoints or little existing PVP experience, we highly recommend coming along to at least one of our public classes before submitting your application. This both provides some much needed experience, and gives us a chance to get to know you (and a chance for you to impress us) before we see your app.

I heard you guys lead something called PvP University. Do you train new players to PVP?

PvP University is side-project run by volunteers within Agony as a service to the Eve community. Agony is not a training corporation and while Agony runs the PvP Univeristy, Agony is not the PVP university. Agony is a PVP corporation that sometimes teaches, not a teaching corporation that sometimes PVPs.

If you’re looking to learn how to PVP, or to become a better PVPer so that you can take that knowledge back to your corporation, you probably shouldn’t be applying to Agony. Instead, you should be signing up for out public classes, and taking whatever other opportunities you can find to experience PVP in a relatively newbie-friendly environment. Joining Agony is something that you might consider a few months down the line, once you’ve had a good taste of PVP and decided it’s something you want to start doing full time.

How do I make money in Agony?

Agony pilots are expected to be self sufficient. Being a PVP corporation means you will lose ships. Therefore, before applying, you should think about how you would be able to support your PVP habit. We’re not a sovereignty holding alliance, so if you’re expecting undisturbed sanctums and piles of moon-goo, you will be disappointed.

Many of our members own alts that support them with such activities as trading, invention, missions, mining, and production. Living in nullsec offers some decent opportunities to make money too via complexes, wormholes, or pirate missions, depending on the region. There’s always ISK to be made from PVP loot!

What kind of ships do you fly?

Agony flies just about everything: from T1 frigates to Super Capitals. Don’t be fooled by the cheap T1 fleets we use during classes; our internal gangs range from AHACs to nano BCs to Blackops hotdrops. You can visit our public killboard.

Can I be in another corporation and have my alt in Agony?

Agony is a corporation of mains, not alts. When you join Agony it’s you that joins Agony, not your character.

We prefer that new Agony members bring their alts into Agony, an NPC corporation, or keep them in an alt corporation. Exceptions will occasionally be made on request at the discretion of the Agony leadership. Several factors going into this decision include:

  1. Your alt should not be in another nullsec corporation or alliance.
  2. Your alt may be in an empire carebear corporation or alliance that you use for funding your main in Agony.
  3. Your alt may be in a corporation or alliance with alts of other people who PVP on their mains, but your alt should not be in a corporation or alliance that does PVP.
  4. Your alt should not be in a corporation or alliance in competition with Agony, whether in PVP or otherwise.
  5. You should be focused on Agony, and you should spend more time on your main in Agony than on the alt in your other corporation or alliance.

How do Agony members communicate?

Agony uses TeamSpeak 3 for in-game communication, and our forums for out of game discussion, scheduling gangs, etc.

What alliances are you friends or enemies with, and what politics do you support? Will my corporation history affect my application?

We occasionally decide to work with another group in order to expand our range of possible targets, and may choose to set temporary standings in order to do so. For the most part, Agony has no blues at all in order to have the maximum number of targets as possible. If they aren’t in Agony, or they aren’t in an Agony gang, they’re fair game.

Agony doesn’t believe in enemies, only opponents. Being a member of an organization we’ve been hostile to, either currently or in the past, will have no bearing on your application.

My app has been rejected. Is there a possibility to reapply?


Usually, when an application is rejected, we’ll provide you with feedback on the reasons for our decision (if you didn’t receive this, ask the recruiter who messaged you). If it has been rejected due to inexperience, you may wish to spend a few months focusing on getting more PVP experience and then apply again. Similarly, if you feel the circumstances which lead your application to be rejected have changed, you are welcome to apply again.

New Applicants

Filling out an applications and submitting it through forums is the first step in us getting to know you. It should be drafted in a way to make our recruiters interested in scheduling an interview with you. Incomplete answers, inability to follow directions, simple “yes or no” responses, or very short replies to every question are all very likely to get your application rejected.

Please make sure to check the Agony forums for private messages after you have submitted your application. This will be our main way to get in touch with you.


All Agony members belong to one of three squadrons: subdivisions within the corporation which correspond to their prime gaming time. Each squadron decides separately when to open and close its recruitment. Each squadron also has its own group of recruiters.

Recruitment Status

Europe 16:00-00:00
Alpha recruitment closed
Americas 00:00-08:00
Charlie recruitment closed
Australian & Pacific 08:00-16:00
Echo recruitment closed


Alpha (Europe 16:00-00:00)
Charlie (Americas 00:00-08:00)
Echo (Australian & Pacific 08:00-16:00)

Submitting an Application

Once you have posted your application in Public Chat, within a short amount of time it will get moved to the internal recruitment subforum.

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Within five days, you should receive a private messages through the Agony forums, either inviting your for an interview, or rejecting your application.

Interviews take place on Agony’s TeamSpeak channel, and last about 20-30 minutes. Your recruiter will also request your user ID and API key (the user ID is not same as the username of your account). API and user ID information will be seen only by the recruiter, and not kept once the application process is complete. If you have not been contracted by a recruiter within five days of submitting your application, you may choose to message someone from Agony’s recruitment division. Be aware that recruiters may go away from game due to various real life reasons. If you get no response from one recruiter, simply message another.

After the interview, the recruiter will make the final decision on whether you are to be invited to join Agony.


Please direct questions to any Agony recruiters, but please do not EVE mail Kenda, (unless you want your mail to get lost in the forest of other mails Kenda gets daily, and likely be ignored or responded to some months later). If you need to contact our CEO or director (or any other Agony member), use the private messaging system on our forums.