Please note that Agony is not a training corp, and you should not be applying to Agony to “learn to PVP". For that, simply attend one of our public PVP classes: these are available to anyone, and you do not have to be a member of Agony to attend them.

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For questions regarding recruitment you can post on the forum, inquire in our in-game public channel Agony Public, or contact one of our recruiters.

Recruitment Status

Europe 16:00-00:00
Alpha recruitment closed
Americas 00:00-08:00
Charlie recruitment closed
Australian & Pacific 08:00-16:00
Echo recruitment closed


Alpha (Europe 16:00-00:00)
Charlie (Americas 00:00-08:00)
Echo (Australian & Pacific 08:00-16:00)

About Agony

Agony Unleashed is a PVP corp, specializing in small gang combat. We are currently deployed to Pure Blind.

Agony was formed in 2006 and is a single-corp alliance with a strong cultural identity focused on PVP self-improvement, both for the pilots in Agony as well as thousands of students that have been trained via the PVP University that Agony runs as a side project.

Agony has lived in almost every NPC nullsec region from Venal to Great Wildlands, participated in Faction Warfare, lived in Catch as part of the Hero Coalition, roamed out of Thera taking wormholes to different regions every day, and more recently, joined the Querious Fight Club.

We currently hold few systems right in the center of Pure Blind as part of a new 'Fight Club' with Pandemic Horde, Brave, and a few others. We aren't blue to anyone and are continually involved in small gang PVP across the region. Our home system is an ideal point at the crossroads of the region where gangs of all sizes often roam which provides constant PVP opportunities.

The Agony Philosophy

What does Agony offer?

Agony offers a strong social environment for like-minded pilots that like to pew spaceships. From solo, duo, and decentralized fleets in cheap frigates and cruisers, to 20+ person fleets with more advanced doctrines, and from HACs to Attack BCs, or multi-timezone capital supported BS gangs. In our currently deployment, we naturally focus on lighter, more agile ships in order to engage greater numbers and move quickly through regions, but we’ve used all kinds of different doctrines in 2015, and will no doubt do the same in future.

Agony offers active forums where fleet ideas, ship fittings, and tactics are discussed We maintain an extensive wiki providing a repository of knowledge about many of Eve’s game mechanics.

We also have logistical services for our members to keep hangars full of ships and modules. This is particularly important as Agony has historically had a semi-nomadic culture of regularly basing from new areas in order to keep both the targets and the gameplay fresh.

Agony regularly competes in the Alliance Tournament with varying success, with our participating pilots always having a great time while doing so.

What is Agony looking for?

Agony looks for pilots that aim to excel in PVP and constantly improve their skills. We try to accept people that will fit into our corp culture, but we have no real SP requirement: instead focusing on attitude, desire to PVP, and willingness to improve. Agony pilots should be PVP focused, pro-active, and willing to try new things.

Agony has a Trial period so that both parties can test out the waters, and determine if the corp is a good fit for the individual. In this period we ensure that the Trial fits in with the corp socially and has, or is developing, passable PVP skills. We aren’t looking for elite PVPers, but some basic skill should be developed during the Trial by even the greenest of recruits. Conversely, the Trial period is for the individual to see whether Agony’s play style and culture are right for them.

In terms of activity levels, we are not a hardcore gaming corp, and understand that real life is more important than EVE. That said, we do expect pilots to play with us regularly, particularly during the Trial so we can get to know them!

Joining Agony

Our application process shouldn’t take more than ten to fifteen minutes, and contains just a handful of questions. Once posted, your application will be transferred to a restricted area of the forum as soon as possible, after which we will begin processing it.

If you are unsure if you are the kind of pilot we are looking for, or whether or not Agony would be the right corp for you, feel free to contact us via our public in-game chat Agony Public or via our forums. Another option is to join one of our PVP-U classes or public roams, which allow you to get a feel for the way Agony operates. Join the Agony PVP Uni mailing list for notifications of these events, or check out our forums.

apply now applicant FAQ